Reasons You Should Plan a Trip to Singapore

In the media, Singapore often gets a lot of attention for reasons far away from its real beauty.  While you cannot dispute that Singapore is a wealthy country with permissive tax policies that attract lots of millionaires, you need not be a tax accountant to find real value in visiting Singapore.  The country has a broad range of attractions to choose, from luxurious hotels, to verdant parks, historic structures, deliciously cheap eats, and world-class zoos, all within a land area comparably smaller than El Paso Texas.  Below are some reasons why you should plan a visit to the World Roamers Singapore at least once in your lifetime.

Singapore has a lot to offer in terms of modern art and architecture.  The future is currently being built using both greenery and glass.  The city-state is being taken through radical transformation to eventually make it a futuristic Garden City.  The most visible example of this is in Marina Bay.  The area was in the past an empty landscape of reclaimed land, until Marina Bay’s skyline got transformed by adding architectural marvels such as the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, the Gardens by the Bay and Esplanade.  Also, you can find some world-class art pieces curated in art museums such as the Singapore National Gallery, Red Dot Design Museum and Singapore Art Museum. View here for more info about travel agents.

Thinking about the towering, iconic skylines of the civic district and Marina Bay, it is hard to associate Singapore with its Garden City reputation.  However, if you ignore the built-up areas for a moment, you will discover a network of parks that span the area.  Such parks are part of a green cover that cumulatively accounts for 46% of Singapore.  The sprawling network of parks is managed by the National Parks Board, which includes seaside Promenades such as the East Coast Park and more family-friendly packs such as the Kent Ridge Park.  There are already plans underway for a network of park connectors that will supposedly link all the nature reserves and parks across Singapore.  It is anticipated that in the future people will be able to cross from the east to the west of the island without getting out of a park.

If traveling with family, you can get to experience the most family-friendly destination in all of Southeast Asia.  Singapore’s family-friendly attractions are suitable for visitors of all ages.  Kids will definitely enjoy the only Universal Studios park in Southeast Asia, not to mention other attractions such as world-class zoos that showcase animals in humane, cageless environments. Visit here for more information: